"We're more than what scares us.  We're final and fearless.  We dance where the ice gets thin."

Those are lyrics from one of my favorite artists of all time, Matt Nathanson.  Those words will also be my mantra as I climb over 2,400 feet of elevation at Saturday's "Race to Robie Creek."  If you'd told me 7 years ago that my 10th half marathon would be the toughest race in the Northwest, I would have laughed at you.

Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

When I moved to Boise, I had barely ran a step in three years.  I injured my ankle running track my freshman year of college and basically had two choices: continue the physical therapy I was doing that seemed pointless or quit track all together. As much as I loved the sport I was getting an incredible opportunity at my old radio station and wanted to focus on starting a career, so I quit.  I started running again when I moved here because outside of Kekeluv, Lucky Tha DJ and Nathan Fast I didn't know a single person in the Treasure Valley.  I had to have some hobby outside of work so I wasn't sitting home all the time.

Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

Becoming a member of the Treasure Valley running community changed my life for the better.  They say you should surround with people that make you better and who inspire you.  The people I met being part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team In Training, Boise Area Runners and now Team Run Boise have done exactly that for me.  These people come from all sorts of backgrounds.  Some ran track like me, some have qualified for the Boston Marathon multiple time and some just ran their first 5K last year. They're just amazingly uplifting people...who inspire me to do stupid things...like run marathons...or The Race to Robie Creek!

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I said I'd never run Robie.  I said it always conveniently fell during Live for 175 so I'd never be able to. I said I rather run 26.2 miles on flat ground again than Robie. But for some dumb reason...I signed up for the pain and suffering this year so I figured, you guys should get something out of my stupidity!

I'm giving away my personal pair of tickets to see Flo-Rida, The Band Perry, Sean Kingston and more at Boise Music Festival to the person who can predict my Race to Robie Creek time! Just enter your guess below, be the closest without going over and you win! Make sure you follow me on Twitter, because I'll post the link to the live tracking of the run. I have no idea what I'll run, but here's some stats to help you make a prediction!

  • I've run 9 Half Marathons
  • My average finish time for my recent Half Marathons is 1:51 (1 hour, 51 minutes)
  • My fastest Half Marathon in 2016 was 1:39:47.  The race was downhill on Bogus Basin Road
  • The average pace of my hill training for Robie was 10:05/mi (10 min, 5 seconds per mile)

Enter your guess below! GOOD LUCK and pray I don't die! (If I do, I think you win the tickets at whatever time my watch is at when they find me on the side of the road.)