Honestly, the thought of this is repulsive to me. But hey- to each their own, they say. Maybe you'll want this on your Thanksgiving snack table.

You know what the problem is with holiday poultry? Not crunchy enough! Pringles is solving that problem by bringing back their Thanksgiving Dinner chip kit for a third year--this time in turducken flavor!

People reports that the Pringles Friendsgiving Feast Turducken Kit comes with turkey, duck and chicken-flavored chips that can be stacked together to replicate the taste of everyone's favorite Thanksgiving Franken-food. The kit also comes with chips flavored to taste like cranberry sauce, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

“We pride ourselves on offering consumers insanely accurate flavors with endless stacking possibilities,” says Pringles senior marketing director Gareth Maguire. “For our third year, we created the perfect kit for those who are infatuated with the Thanksgiving meat masterpiece that is the almighty Turducken.”

A limited number of kits go on sale at Kellogg's online store this Thursday at noon ET for $15.99.


$16 for some gross hybrid Pringles?! Nah. I'll stick to keeping my Pringles how they're meant to be- in original or barbecue flavor and $1.67 if they're on sale at Albertsons.

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