I honestly stood in front of the "Make Your Own Six Pack" section at the Parkcenter Albertsons for about three minutes on Saturday debating if I should actually put a bottle of "Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale" in my creation.

Ultimately, I caved.  I'll be honest, I'm not ready for summer to be over yet but at the same time, I'm ready for cooler weather, Boise State Football season...and of course, everything pumpkin!

Yesterday, Dunkin' Donuts filled their social media feeds with the "Dancing Pumpkin Man" that you may have seen audition for this season of America's Got Talent.  Dancing Pumpkin Man was celebrating the return of everything pumpkin: coffee, lattes, muffins and donuts, to DD stores on Monday, August 28th.  Unfortunately, there's one good thing in life the Treasure Valley lacks and that is Dunkin' Donuts.  So how long will we be waiting for Pumpkin' Spice goodness?

The first Black Rock Coffee Bar in the Treasure Valley didn't open until September 30th last year, so at that point we'd already reached the peak of "pumpkin spice fever" and of course they were already serving their pumpkin goodness when the Meridian location opened.  I dug back in time on several Black Rock Facebook pages to get some clue as to when they'd be releasing them this year.  I found a post from September 9th, 2013 announcing the return of the popular lattes.

Meanwhile, the twitter account for the original Pumpkin Spice Latte has been silent since last Halloween, but according to Refinery 29 some Starbucks locations have already received jugs of the Pumpkin Spice sauce for 2017!  There's a sub-reddit where baristas hang out and one user posted a picture of a jug captioned "It's coming. God help us all" while several others chimed in saying that their stores have already received 10+ jugs. Last year, they let fans enjoy one a week early if they grabbed a "fast past" from the @TheRealPSL twitter account and officially released it for the season on September 6th. Based on the fact that its already in stock, it maybe even earlier this year.

So that's what we know now!  Fingers crossed that we could be sipping on something pumpkin-y and spicy on those cool mornings while we watch the balloons launch at the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic August 30th - September 3rd!

Meanwhile if you need your fill of fall and are a beer lover like me...the Parkcenter Albertsons does have the Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale out in six packs and individuals as well as another fall favorite, Sam Adam's Octoberfest.  Sam Adam's and Sierra Nevada Octoberfests are both on tap at Old Chicago Downtown too!

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