Big Sean surprises with some big answers in an interview last week that gives us the weekend's quotes. Yesterday I did one called: Focus. Today's quote targets anyone that wants to be great at whatever they do.

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You won't hear me quote Big Sean very often, but I felt his interview with a show last week had meaning. I dropped one yesterday from the same interview that I titled, Focus.This quote means everything to mean and if I could only bottle this attitude up and pass it on to each person that applied with me. Interestingly enough, most of my staffs in over my career have sweat out this quality. Today's quote is entitled: Pure Confidence.

The host of the show was asking about the shade thrown at Big Sean and how other rappers claim to be the best. The guy was asking him why he doesn't claim to be #1.

Don't get it twisted...I, everytime I step inside that booth I feel like I'm the best rapper. I feel like I'm the best at what I do. ...this is 2017. This is the time for all us to feel, the best at what we do. Man, if you go on a job to your work not feeling like you the best, you know, that you not the best at what you do, what are you doing? What you really even doing with your life? Your doing it for a paycheck. That ain't gonna last. - Big Sean

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