Today's quote of the day is all about focus. We often pay too much attention to other people and forget about what WE need to do. Print this one out!

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I came across a Big Sean interview this week and next thing you know I'm taking notes. The host was asking Sean how he handles all the negativity that gets thrown at him. I thought his answer was spot on and it's honestly not that easy. This isn't something new. How many times has someone told you to focus on what you have to do and less about what others are doing. That usually came from a parent.

We grow, mature, and still, have to be reminded what got us here in the first place. If you're something just trying to make your way, this is food for thought. I even tell my staff and even listeners regarding relationships that the #1 most important thing is YOU. Focus on you and don't let distractions derail the direction you want to go in life.

I mean, I don't really focus on what people sayin' - All I know is that's gonna take time away from me focusing on, on what's at hand, what's the plan, what I gotta do...I feel like I'm in a race, but I ain't looking to right or left of me. I'm looking at that finish line. Because once you start looking to the left, you start slowin' down, you look to the right, you start slowin' down. - Big Sean

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