If you're driving a 2013-2016 Ford Fusion, your car could be part of a 270,000 car Fusion recall. The recall stems from possible roll away danger.  Ford has 1 report of a car rolling away even when properly parked and in the shifted into park.

From the KTVB sotry, the recall covers certain mid-size Ford Fusion models from 2013 to 2016, with 2.5-liter engines. Ford is urging customers with this model to engage your safety break at all times, when parked, until repairs can be made. Ford released info on what it calls a faulty "bushing", that can degrade and cause the transmission cable to detach. You could potentially still be in another gear, even though you've put your car into park.

If you're an owner that may be affected, Ford will send out notices in the mail, when parts are available to fix the problem.  If you had a recall for the 2018 model Fusion, you shouldn't be affected by this recall.

If you want to check up on Ford recalls or have other concerns, you can always check Ford's recall site.

According to CBS news more than 75% of car owners, ignore recall notices on their cars.  However, this sounds pretty serious, so make sure you double check your Fusion for a recall and take it to the dealer, when they have the parts ready.  It's a small inconvenience but the results could be dangerous, if you don't.

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