I've never been one for needles. Shots, blood draws, you name it I just prefer NOT to deal with it. Now, I'm not one to pass out at the sight of them but I'll stress out for weeks leading up to knowing I've got one coming. Maybe I'm just crazy.

It's through needles, though, that a lot of great things happen. Vaccinations, life saving injections and even the reverse: blood draws for donation. The American Red Cross, one of the largest blood banks in the world, is running short on some blood right now and they're seeking help-- specifically, blood donors. It's type O blood that they're in desperate need for.

Since type O blood an be given to patients with any blood type, it's the most popular in hospitals because there are emergency situations which may not give medical professionals time to determine what blood type an individual needs.

The need is so great right now, there's even an incentive. Donate blood and platelets now through the tenth of June and The Red Cross will email you a $5 Amazon gift card!

The cause is great, the need is even greater. If you've got type O blood, you would literally be helping to save lives by donating.

For more information on what's involved, where to donate, and how to help if donating blood isn't you jam, click HERE.


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