Congrats! You made it to the super extended 4th of July Weekend! Celebrate with a vacation, a barbecue, a parade...and Adam Levine?!

That's right! If you missed the SOLD OUT Maroon 5 show at Taco Bell Arena last fall, we've got your back! The guys are coming back to the Northwest on July 15th at the Pendleton Whisky Music Fest and 103.5 KISS FM has the KISSclusive tickets to get you in!

It's a well known fact that Adam Levine is actually the hottest man on the entire planet, so we can't pick just anyone to send to the show! We want to send someone we know eats, breathes and sleeps 103.5 KISS FM...and TAPS THAT APP!

Download the 103.5 KISS FM app for iPhone or Android this weekend, because we'll be sending out EIGHT KISSclusive Red, White and Maroon codes between 5 p.m. on Friday, June 30th and Tuesday, July 4th.  Collect them all and enter them at! Cruise & Box will pick a Grand Prize winner on Wednesday morning!

Even if you're not the grand prize winner, we'll be blowing out tons of prizes from our stash of the "103 Prizes Of Summer" like movie passes, Roaring Springs Passes, Treasure Valley Comic Con tickets and more!

Once you get the first code, click the link below to enter your codes! Good luck and Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

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