I totally rented one on Saturday and I forgot how much fun they are. Then again, maybe I'm just easily entertained?

I'm talking about these e-scooters that we have grown used to seeing all over town. As the weather has improved, it seems that people are back to jumping on these things and using them to get from point-a to point-b. Saturday morning all of us at 103.5 KISS FM had the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure. Lucky for me, I live about a mile away from the start-line. I had planned to walk over that morning, but when I stepped outside of my front door I saw a gleaming, available Bird scooter. Clearly I had to hop on--and I got to work in no-time. It was a blast (as always) and I was zipping all over the race course.

Now, however, Bird is saying you no longer need to "get lucky" by running into one of these electronic transportation toys. You can actually own one yourself!

The Bird One, as they're calling it, is said to be more durable and have some stronger battery life. It's even more stylish, coming in black, white and now...rose gold to match your iPhone!?

The scooters don't come cheap as their price point has hit $1,299 to have your own. Perhaps that's cheaper than a vehicle if you live close enough to work for it to be practical? Then again, there's always the tried and true bicycle--which would be much more affordable.

For more on the Bird One, click HERE.

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