If you're familiar with Humpin' Hannah's in downtown Boise, you know exactly who the star of the show each night is: Rocci Johnson.  The term "local celebrity" is an understatement for the Boise nightlife staple that makes everyone feel like a star on their birthday and can tip back Jameson better than anyone I know.

By far, Humpin' Hannah's is one of the most inviting bars in the city--rarely are there any problems and it's no secret that there's just a welcoming, Boise vibe in the bar. It's always a great time.

When someone breaks the mold and the vibe of what Hannah's stands for--it really sucks. Unfortunately, that's the case this week.

A framed picture that was gifted to the bar years ago was stolen off of the wall by someone who clearly had no sense of courtesy for the bars legacy. The framed photo was signed by members of our National Guard that were in Boise to fight forest fires one summer. The crew got so attached to the bar, they actually PAINTED the bars name onto their plane.  It's a pretty sentimental story that speaks of the story and legacy of Humpin' Hannah's.

Do you recognize any of these people? Rocci Johnson is just asking that the frame be returned--no questions asked.

See the post below and read more, HERE.

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