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I read some reviews leading up to the reboot of the "Roseanne" show and it was disappointing. The previews looked funny but the critics weren't having it.

The critics should be the keywords. You can't always believe everything you hear. Did they get it right or wrong? 18 million viewers later - the new "Roseanne" is a hit and it rings true in a place like Boise, Idaho.

The 1988 sitcom ran for almost 10 years and has been ranked in the top countdown in every category. The Connors represented the average working class family back in '88 that focused on paying bills, sexuality, and raw humor.

Roseanne just released this tweet,

I'm writing this because it hits us at home, workplace, job interview, or business meeting. I even test drove a car recently and the salesman was talking about it. There is NO escaping "Trump's America." This show comes straight out the gate with Roseanna and Jackie (sister) who haven't spoken in a year which centered around the election.

Jackie shows up with a Nasty Woman shirt in the first scene. This was one-liner after one-liner. If you hate Trump, you laughed. If you love Trump, you laughed. Isn't it supposed to be that way? That's why I thought it was great because it's what America is going through now.

Yes, Roseanne is a pro-Trump supporter in real life but do we damn her for that? People need to stop pulling each other into pieces because we don't all think alike. They filled a void that I'm actually surprised nobody has tackled. The dynamic of Roseanne and Jackie not talking do to the election is a real-life scenario. We can all relate to that whether it's family or coworkers.

I've always said it's good to hear people's opinions but it's smarter to get the facts. The media and anti-Trump supporters were extremely critical of the series. Roseanna got hit with the "not funny" comments that included, "washed up Conners." The truth?

I laughed my ass off throughout the entire premiere. The show also has it's touching moments that gave it this nostalgic feel to the 80's/90's as a modern throwback show. There was that "message" or the "moral" of the story that used to be so prominent in television shows back in the 80's and 90's.

We live in a very conservative state. Just remember this is a very big state and views are all over the place. This show really replicates a lot of families which is why I think it continues to be a hit show.

It was the first time I felt like it was funny to laugh at these jokes. They touched on serious social issues in a lightning round fashion which somehow worked. There will be a repeat episode on Easter Sunday, April 1. The story Monday will be how Roseanne's rerun show broke records. Let's see.

Roseanne is on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m.

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