I absolutely love going to concerts – the music is incredible, the vibes and outfits are on point, and everyone is just so happy to be experiencing that moment together.

However, I would definitely argue that attending comedy shows is a very close second for me, for many of the same reasons, except you also throw in laughter

And who couldn’t use more laughter in their lives, especially in these dark and uncertain times in the world?


Just a couple of weeks ago I saw Taylor Tomlinson live, when she came to Boise’s Morrison Center. 

*If you all don’t know who Taylor Tomlinson is yet, I highly recommend you search her name on the internet after reading this article. She also has a couple shows on Netflix, and they are top notch!*


Any who, I honestly cannot rave enough about how incredible Taylor’s comedy show was. She was witty, relatable, quirky and just downright hilarious. 

The entire theater was packed full, and everyone was roaring with laughter the entire time. 

If she ever comes back to Boise, I would instantly buy a ticket. 

Hell, if she came back tomorrow, I would be there. She was that good.


So basically, as soon as the show was over, I hopped on my phone and instantly started searching for other comedy shows that would be coming to Boise this year.

And I have to say, I’m pretty stoked about the options.

Listed below are nine shows currently scheduled for 2022, and I already know I’m buying tickets to at least a few of them!


Also, PRO TIP for those who are planning on going to one or more of these comedy shows:

  • Get to the venue early, because the drink lines are usually long and slow.
  • Make sure to pee before finding your seats, especially at The Morrison Center, so you don’t have to shimmy past a long row of people.
  • Get ready for some belly-aching laughs.

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