Can we all agree to 100% be on the same page that we absolutely MISS Parenthood? Well, there's a new family tree and it's trailer set a record with over 50 Million views on Facebook! Did you watch? No spoiler alert, but here's a sneak peek.

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I got hooked on Parenthood and I might be the only person that hasn't seen the finale. I couldn't pull myself to seeing the father die in the last episode. There is a part of me that still struggles with my own father passing years ago that I'm just not ready. That said, what a damn great series it was. To the good news, we have ANOTHER ONE!



Last night I watched one of the best premieres I've seen in years and by the public's response, the decision was already made based up Facebook response. The trailer for This is Us broke a record with over 50 million views. I can tell you one thing; it didn't disappoint!

This is a great story about people that share the same birthday indirectly crossing each others paths in life. I really believe there is a reason why I love music and dove into radio so passionately. Music REALLY sets a tone like a wedding first dance, the theme song for a sports movie or the background music in a sitcom that tells a story. Grey's Anatomy are the one's who did it the best! This is Us starts season one where all the great sitcoms left off.

This was the text I sent Tawsha Box from Cruise & Box (morning show) in my left hand while tears were streaming down my eyes and a Sockeye Galena Gold in my right.


Shows like this resonate with close families because we all can relate to at least one character. That's the winning template in a nutshell. Relate to your audience and I think you'll see that come to light as the show rolls into episode number two next week. This is an emotional show and REALLY tugs at your heartstrings and makes you feel the characters situations. Our son Lennox is about 20 months and during the delivery seen with co-stars Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, something happens that I won't spoil. It was at that moment that I realized again how my life has changed and how things that didn't mean anything or worth more than I'd ever imagined. That is why we love movies, stories, novels, and sitcoms like this and most recently Parenthood.

The set up is perfect as it's on KTVB and comes on right after the Voice straight into the news. There is plenty of sexy in several story lines including a very shirtless Justin Hartley who is tired of being looked at like a tool. You have the everyday struggle with weight, family tragedy that leaves you with a teary smile, and moments of silly fun to break up your sudden rollercoaster of emotions. In the end, I HATE that I know I'm gonna LOVE it. There was even an emotional moment that I quickly checked on Lennox and Paige to see this image.

Lennox and Paige

I was thinking how much they meant to me and how important they're in my life. So, watch it if you can because we all need it. There is too much negativity in our current political structure, social platforms, and life in general. We need a place to go smile, cry, or to just believe.

This is Us airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on KTVB Channel 7.

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