After more than 24-hours of rumors and unnamed "sources" confirming the news, we now have an official statement from Boise State University.

Dirk Koetter, the former Boise State head coach and NFL head coach, will indeed be returning as Offensive Coordinator this season.

Head Coach Spencer Danielson said in the release that he's glad to have Koetter back as he offers everything they were looking for in the position and will be invested in the personal development of his players, as well.

Koetter, expressing that he hadn't ever considered the return, shared that there were four reasons that lead him to saying yes:

First being my utmost belief in and respect for Coach D and what he is building here. It was also because of my respect for the tradition of Bronco Football and how highly I think of this coaching staff. Last, but not least, it was how impressed I was with what this team did in its run last year to a Mountain West championship. That attitude, determination and work ethic is the exact type of program Boise State is supposed to be and to which I want to contribute.

Here's a look at the man that Boise State fans across the nation are trusting in!

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His history is impressive and many are relieved to see that he is back! 

While everyone at Boise State will tell you that this is not a concern of these--and that is valid--many fans can't help but wonder: will Dirk Koetter get the credit if Boise State succeeds this season? As many recall, it was Koetter that was praised, no head coach Andy Avalos, for the season turn around in 2022.

At the end of the day, we know that members of Boise State leadership team players and everyone shares the same goal: win, win the conference, and make the College Football Playoff.

The goals are set, the team is ready, the fans are fired up: it's time to see what Boise State can do this fall, with a stacked schedule that will include Oregon State, Washington State, and the University of Oregon!

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