You've probably heard me talk about Kvell Fitness and Nutrition here in Boise on the air or online--I've been going there for some time and I'm such a huge fan. I never would have thought I would love a gym, of all places--but Kvell has become a home for me. While the workouts are amazing, there are days like today that I am stiff and SORE! I was sitting down in my chair like an old man at the office today!

One of my goals for 2019 is to "get into" yoga a little bit. When I was in college, I took a yoga class for a credit and I was SHOCKED at how amazing it made me feel. It helped my posture and even my workouts. So, I've decided I want to get back at some yoga and increase my flexibility. I KNOW, I'm the last person most would expect to join a yoga class but--cheers to trying new things!

I'm looking for Boise's BEST spot for yoga. I'm not a pro, so I'm looking for a place that is chill for beginners.  Know of an awesome studio or gym that offers it? Post up!

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