April 2-4 is the Ada County Highway District’s ‘pot hole’ days. It’s the couple days out of the year that they encourage everyone in Ada County to report pot holes that need to get fixed. According to KTVB, ACHD is encouraging you to report those pot holes your would love to see get patched up quickly.

It’s a fairly easy process. When you see a pot hole, take a picture then contact ACHD online HERE, upload the picture, give them details about where it’s located, and any details you think may be helpful to them. According to KTVB, the average response time is about 24 hours but that just depends on how many requests they receive.

You can always contact ACHD if you see potholes, damaged signs, signal malfunctions, etc., however, these are the two days when they put a special emphasis on potholes in Ada County.

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