The 10th Annual Boise Music Festival is Saturday!! And if you don't have your tickets yet, what're you waiting for? Ok, before you pull out your debit card to buy them HERE, check out the five reasons why you should splurge on those Pit Passes!

  • Credit: TSM | Kristen_McPeek

    Get a Front Row Experience

    When you're in the "Pit" you're able to experience the show up close! It's like enjoying the concert from the first 20 rows. You'll get to see the show like no one else at Expo Idaho.

  • Credit: TSM | Kristen_McPeek

    Get The Artist's Attention

    If you're crafty, chances are you'll be making a sign to get your favorite artist's attention. Well if you're in the Pit, chances are they're gonna see what you have to say, and may even pull you onstage for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That happened to one lucky kiddo as last year's show, YEE YEE!

  • Credit: TSM

    Get the Artist's ATTENTION

    Ok, so maybe your favorite artist will point at you, or better yet, wink at your while they're singing your favorite song. But can you imagine if Logan Mize, Eli Young, or Pit Bull came down, grabbed your hand, stared into your eyes, and sang directly to you? Yeah, that happens when you're in the Pit.

  • Credit: TSM

    Win Prizes

    When you're enjoying the Boise Music Festival from the Pit area, you'll have more chances to score some great prizes from your favorite radio station! I'm talking carnival wristbands, meet & greet passes, and more!

  • Credit: TSM

    Get a Cool Down

    This year, the Boise Music Festival attendees will be blessed with some BE-A-UTIFUL weather. I'm talking nice sunny skies with temperatures just under 80 degrees. But when you're in the sun all day, it does feel nice to get a little cool down with a little help from your friends on the main stage.