Let the ruining of the Super Bowl commercials commence! I mean don't you remember when you had to WAIT until the game actually started to see these $5.05 million dollar spots! No more.

You don't have to wait to see which superstar will appear in the next Pepsi spot. We have them all listed in one simple highlighted spoiler compilation. Thank you internet!

What will be the commercial everyone is talking about on Monday after the big game is over and done with. Well, if you believe anyone will be waiting until then you cray, cray playa! Fans and the artists will be tweeting DURING the game and when their commercial airs. That's at least a cool part of wanting everything right now!

You can bet on how long a performance will go to the different wardrobes Adam Levine will use. You can't bet on commercials because we know Chance the Rapper will be with the Backstreet Boys, Cardi B cameos with Lil' Jon that is hosted by Steve Carrel. So many choices and we might have some funny ones this year. Peep our list below and vote on your favorite of all time. Looking to order some food and need the best deals? We got that HERE.

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