When you run past this home on Crescent Rim during FitOne, it just demands that you pause long enough to marvel at it. Why? Could be its sheer size compared to some of the other homes on the street. Could be the fact that it’s magnificent enough to have a name.

The home we’re talking about? “Camelotview," the late Velma Morrison’s manor.  The 14,093 square-foot home has overlooked Ann Morrison Park since 1992.  Before Velma's death, the home was the site of many rooftop patio parties and benefits.

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The home was on the market after she passed away, but the family wasn't able to sell it.  They ultimately decided to donate it to the Treasure Valley Family YMCA to sell as a way to raise money for their newest construction project, the Tomlinson South Meridian YMCA.

In late 2017, their $1.9 million payday finally came through! Former Denver Nuggets draft pick and commercial real estate agent, Bill Wendlandt and his family moved into Camelotview.  The home had a special place in Wendlandt's heart for a few reasons.  Wendlandt's ex-wife, Calie, calls Boise her hometown and he started playing basketball at a YMCA in Austin, Texas before going on to play in college and professionally.

Unlike others who looked at the property, Wendlandt had no plans for tearing the home down.  This family planned to update the colors, flooring and kitchen in the four bedroom, ten-bathroom home. Calie was really the one that took charge of the vision for the remodel.  The renovation is complete and Wendlandt has decided to sell the home again. It showed up on the market again on February 16, 2022. If you want to see photos of the home BEFORE the renovation, you can check out photos from our article about the original sale HERE.

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When Velma Morrison's estate sold in 2017, the new owners said they wanted to renovate the inside of it. We wrote about the sale shortly after it happened and you can see some of the old photos of the home HERE!

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