This morning, The 103.5 KISS-FM team (Kat, Mikey, and Mateo) met in the studio to share some unfortunate news. You can listen to that clip here.

We're happy to say that Keke is safely at home resting with his family, but unfortunately, he will be out for some time after a very serious head injury.

Now we all know Keke loves his listeners, and we want him back on the air as soon as possible, but we're going to give him all the time he needs to recover.

So...we're saying, SEND KEKE: LUV!

We've made it really easy. When you sign on to the free 103.5 KISS-FM App, you'll see a button that says "Send Keke:Luv." This is the direct messenger through which you can send Keke your messages and prayers. You can see a picture of where to find that  below.



Now, let's say you want to send something more personalized, like a video or audio message. Simply swipe right, then select 'Submit Photo/Video.' Identify yourself, then send your message on the next screen.


Let's get Keke to smile in what's assuredly been a weird time for him.

From the entire KISS-FM crew, much LUV (KekeLuv)

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