I continue to agree with all parents when they say things like, "You won't understand until you have children of your own." I don't know how many times I rolled my eyes. I know kids!

We now have two little angels and all those parents were 100% correct, I had no clue. I believe we're great parents but it's the things you can't find in one of those new mom books. We're teaching them life and that's not so easy.

I've been watching most of the coverage regarding the tragic death of George Floyd. I was in attendance at the massive candlelight vigil at the Idaho State Capitol. I've been listening. You know I grew up with friends of different faiths and nationalities. I never really noticed much about race until I joined the United States Navy. I mean you put men and women from all over the country on one ship, diversity lives.

Give me all of the places I've lived, the way I've been taught as a kid, what I've learned and I'm just not realizing there is so much more to learn. I'm a man that prides myself on understanding and the passing of George Floyd feels different. I feel on another level now. All that said, how do I tell my children which does seem like a pretty big question right now.

Sesame Street wants to help again. You know they teamed up with CNN to help teach families about the coronavirus. Looks like they'll do it again in a special, "Standing up to Racism" on Saturday, June 6, at 8 a.m.

This is an hour-long show that takes on racism, protests, and how to be more empathetic. I think it's important because this is what Sesame Street has been doing since I was little. This is a great hour to wake-up with Big Bird, grab your kids, and learn about loving people. Do you know how to teach those little ones about racism?

We plan to have another discussion with our son this weekend because it's just that important to us. Some people might say their age is too young and we should be spending more time watching Disney. I agree. I understand. I also think it's never too late to teach them how to love people. It's never too early to love EVERYBODY.


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