Beer festivals are some of my favorite events and even though I'm sad we are slowly saying goodbye to Summer-- with Fall, comes beer festivals.

One of the coolest beer festivals I've ever been to was while I was living in Spokane, Washington. It was a few hours into central Washington in a small German town called Leavenworth. If you ever get a chance to go-- you must!  Surrounded by giant mountain peaks and authentic German culture-- it's an Oktoberfest you can't afford to miss.

Here in Boise, however, some really great festivals get kicked off and they're coming up quick. Starting this weekend, Idaho's biggest local brewery--Payette Brewing-- will kick off their annual Oktoberfest celebration. Music by the Boise Polka Project, German food, and for $15 you get a 1-liter stein including a drink token to use at the festival! This is one you can definitely plan to see me at over the weekend!

Nobody sums up these local events quite like the entertainment guru himself, Michael Deeds. Check out his full report of beer festivals coming up by clicking HERE.

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