This may be one of the coolest events I've ever seen! It's time to make some community cider!

I haven't always been a huge hard cider fan. From time to time I would enjoy an Angry Orchard, but once Chris Cruise came into my life, cider became a whole new monster.  Fun fact about the guy if you don't know him: he doesn't drink beer...just a lot of cider.  It doesn't matter where we go, it's always "do you guys have any cider on tap?"

Thanks to this, I've ended up trying a lot and have really become a fan of some of the local ciders that our area has to offer. Meriwether Cider has become one of my favorites in town...can we talk about that Blackberry Boom they make!?

Well, up until September 10th you can drop off your own apples that you've picked, it doesn't matter the type, to be turned into some awesome, community, locally brewed cider! Thinking about all of these apples just makes me ready for Fall and no, I'm not even over the summer weather yet!

To learn more about which apples are allowed and even about the 'community crush" party they'll be holding, click HERE.

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