HOW do I keep getting thrown into these situations? The one guy on staff here at 103.5 KISSFM that jumps at EVERYTHING is in charge of yet another haunted attraction.

Ok, maybe I'm not THAT upset about it. I love the thrill but hate the scares. Hopefully, you can join me tomorrow at The Farmstead for the Field of Screams! I've got a guest list for 10 people and their BEST friends to be the very first group through the haunted corn field. Are you up for it?

As the story goes, the Van Sickle family made every effort to build a prosperous farm on these grounds, only to find it's hauntings were preventing success all along. Legend says their visitors  never made it out of the farm alive.

Creeped out yet? Me too.

If you're hoping to join me going through the corn field and *ideally* making it out alive, all you need to do is shoot me an email! Let me know WHY you're crazy enough to come through with me.  I'll pick winners Friday afternoon.  We're meeting up at 7:30 p.m. so make sure you're free.

My email address is:  Holler at me!


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