Representative Barbara Ehardt, a Republican out of Idaho Falls, is pushing a unique bill in Idaho's legislature right now and it's one that I think calls for a discussion. According to the bill she has put together, parents would/should be allowed to "opt-in" their children for sex education in Idaho's public schools.

Rep. Ehardt believes that parents' rights are being walked on.  According to The Idaho Statesman, she didn't provide examples of HOW...but plans to come back with those. She did claim, however, that health and welfare workers were going into Idaho schools are "sexualizing our kids".

So, what's to be made of this?

From the article I have read, it almost feels like if THIS is an issue to some people, perhaps an 'opt-out' is actually what some parents may want? I'm not sure that I personally see the harm in sex-ed at school.  Sure, I'm not a parent of a child but wouldn't we want our kids to have a little context about their own bodies and how to be responsible with them? No matter what kids are taught at home...we've all been going through puberty at that. I know it's a crazy concept but kids DON'T always follow their parents' directions.

The drafted bill also asks that any sexually related material be made available to each students parents. Rep. Ehardt believes parents have the right to decide what students hear.

What do you think about all of this?



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