Here in Idaho, if you're seeing an Idaho State Police Officer, it's probably because you're pulled over on the side of one of our many highways. In these instances, you may have been speeding and with no offense meant to the officer behind you--you really don't want to be seeing them at all.

Perhaps you're strolling through our State Capitol building, there you might see one of many State Troopers that work to keep the building safe.  You can identify them by their obvious badges--but also their crisp black uniforms and round hats.

Do you like a man or woman in uniform?

Recently, an online publication called 'Wealth of Geeks' ranked all 50 states in order of their state trooper uniform 'sexiness'.

Well, Idaho didn't rank as high as we may have hoped--here's a closer look

America's Sexiest State Police Uniforms: Idaho Gets Snubbed

Idaho will always be #1 in our books!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

What's behind these rankings!? 

According to the folks at Wealth of Geeks, these rankings were compiled based off of a total of 3,000 votes. Who voted? Where? Why didn't we get a ballot? Idaho was really snubbed!

Ranking in first place, nationwide? The State of Texas.

What made Texas so special? According to Wealth of Geeks, there are a whole lot of "sexy" details going into these uniforms:

Envision shirts in a crisp, authoritative dark tan, known affectionately by troopers as "Texas Tan". These shirts aren't just attire; they're a banner of pride and tradition, tailored to stand tall against the backdrop of bustling cities, sprawling ranches, and everything in between. They're designed to command respect with a silhouette that's as sharp as a cowboy's resolve. It's the cowboy hat that truly sets this uniform apart, worn with the swagger of a rodeo champion and the solemn duty of a ranger.

What do you think!? Idaho will always be number one for us!

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