Let's face it, Idaho has plenty of car shows but this Saturday it's going to be EPIC. As you may know I'm definitely a car guy with a decent collection of cars that includes imports from Germany to Japan as well as a few domestics because I do love my classic Chevy trucks. The reason I'm so excited about Track Shark's - Shark Fest 2020 is because unlike many other shows there is no discrimination... Allow me to clarify before you jump into a political rant. Shark Fest is open and encourages all makes, models and styles. Exotic, Domestic, JDM, Euro, Trucks, Muscle, Tuner, Drift. Did I mention that Trace happens to be a great local guy who doesn't hesitate to give back to the community? The only question now is which car do you take to the show? By the way if you're a woman who could care less about cars please give your husband or boyfriend a pass this Saturday. Thanks. Show is at Expo Idaho and starts at 7pm. Get your tickets HERE.

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