McCall Winter Carnival is full swing and is definitely one of my favorite events that takes place in the beautiful remote town. I love driving up early in the morning and enjoying the scenic views that the 55 has to offer. Pulling into to town is always filled with anticipation, Do I hit The Fog Lifter Cafe for that tasty breakfast burrito or do I slide into Stacy Cakes for coffee and one of her amazing baked goods? Decisions, decisions... regardless of where I start it always ends well. While the food, sculptures and parade are all amazing there is the one constant that everyone talks about and has talked about for 100 years... Sharlie. Is the lake monster real? Has anybody actually seen it?  I found this story on ktvb that can supply answers to these questions and some history on Sharlie.

Slimy Slim. That's what the people of McCall used to call the mysterious lake monster that lived in Payette Lake and has been surfacing periodically since 1920.

About 25 years later, a group of people claimed they saw it too, describing it as 35-feet long, a dinosaur-type head, humps on its back and shell-like skin.

In 1954, after repeated sightings, The Star News held a national contest to rename "Slimy Slim."

To date, there is no photographic evidence that the lake monster actually exists. But that doesn't mean she won't reveal herself during the McCall Winter Carnival, albeit in ice form.


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