If you have ever browsed the comment section for any Boise radio station, TV station, news outlet, or blog, you're bound to see something along the lines of:

We want Idaho the way it uuuuused to be! We don't want no darn Californians comin' in and muckin' up the place! They should go back where they caaaame from!

People love to yell on the internet. Like, a lot. Because, as we all know, exclamation points mean you truly mean it.

Anyways. A lot of Boisians and Idahoans in general have this weird disdain for people from other states. The recent influx of new neighbors into Boise has been the scapegoat for rising gas prices, rising housing costs, traffic, lines at restaurants, and even more dog poop on the sidewalk.

Some people have a problem with it. Others, well, they have a real problem with it, and would like for Idaho to even be its own country. As in, it's all Idaho, all the time, with no outside influence. Is this a good idea?

If Idaho's no longer part of the United States, does that mean no more Chicago-style pizza? No more New Orleans crawfish boil? No more Detroit Coney Island chili dogs?

That's not a world this writer wants to live in.

Sure, maybe things are a tad more cramed these days, but that sounds much better than having to exist in a timeline without coney dogs. Let's all try to get along, you know, for the chili dogs. For our future's sake.

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