You've got a lot on your plate right now. Worrying about getting the bills paid every month. Trying to figure out how to spend what little free time you have. Constantly being confused about why grownups cry about Taylor Swift on social media. It's a lot, right?

We'd be willing to bet that with all you have going on in your life right now, you most likely do not possess the additional mental bandwidth to remember to adjust your schedule every four years on one very specific day.

We're talking about a Leap Year.

This year (that's 2024) February 28th will not lead us into March as she usually does. Oh no. After February 28th this year you have to be sure to remember that there's a February 29th happening. Because why would it make any sense for things to be easy to follow?

Yes, we know you have a calendar on your phone that auto-updates. However, it's still confusing when you have to add one day to your to-do list every year and adjust everything around it.

So, should Idaho start skipping Leap Year? No. Absolutely not.

We'd basically have to secede from the rest of the United States since Idaho would be on her own calendar moving forward. Just imagine the absolute terror of having to schedule something with someone who lives in Oregon or Nevada when you're following two completely different calendars.

So, no, let's not sick the cancel mob on Leap Year. Yes it can be confusing, but...and it's a big but, it's better then having to basically start Idaho over from scratch. That just sounds like too much work.

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