Every year, thousands gather in Boise to watch one of the greatest traditions in the Gem State: The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic!

It's a great family event where all can get together to watch the spectacle of dozens of giant hot air balloons as they take to the Boise sky. Definitely a must-see event, if you've never been. Hard to describle unless you've seen it yourself.

However, should you attend if you live with globophobia?

Globophobia is the fear of balloons. And yes, it's a real thing. For most people, it stems from the sound of a balloon popping, and for others it's the actual texture of the balloon itself. While it may sound trivial, it can end up causing anxiety, shaking, and even severe headaches if someone with globophobia is confronted with a balloon.

Luckily for you, unless they're planning something really different this year, you aren't likely to see any giant blow-up balloons like you'd see at a birthday party. These are hot air balloons. Really, the only thing they share in common with your everyday balloons is the name, and the shape. Other than that, they're worlds apart!

While we're no experts on globophobia, we feel you'll be right at home at this year's Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. And you're going to really make an effort to see it this year, because they're adding four new special hot air balloons this weekend!

These Four Balloons Are Special Features in Boise This Weekend

Lots of hot air balloons will be going up this weekend but make sure that you're looking out for these special ones!

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