This is a good list to be on. Allstate released their "America's Best Drivers" report.. and Boise is high on the list. Top 5 and we ain't 5. Top 5 top 5 top 5. Okay, enough Drake references for one post.

Boise came in at.. NUMBER 3! That's right, Boise has some of the best drivers in the nation. And I'm pretty excited about this and proud to live here because, my hometown of Seattle ranked at 179th out of the 200 biggest cities, so they're near the bottom.

This is all based on accident report data like average number of years between accident claims and hard-braking (which many insurance providers now monitor).

Do you feel like this list is accurate?! I'll say, having lived in both a city near the top and a city near the bottom, it seems pretty right to me. Seattle has the worst mergers I've ever experienced. Merging should happen like a zipper. Seamless. Not the right lane completely stopped while they've got a mile left before having to get over. I could go on forever about this but I won't.

I've seen a couple accidents on the 84 since moving here two months ago, but nothing major. I also rarely see any cops or being being pulled over. But Keke did get pulled over for speeding last week on his way to the show, so apparently it happens. It's okay Keke, we can't all be the best drivers in the Treasure Valley.

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