It's true that the secret has "been out" when it comes to Idaho for some time--but it seems that more and more attention on the Pacific Northwest is becoming a national reality as well. From rolling green hills to deep canyons, evergreen forests to regal mountain tops--the Pacific Northwest really has it all, and offers something for everyone.

Hollywood usually bases their films in "the big city"-- New York, Miami, Chicago and L.A.--with some small town USA references here and there. While a popular and recently released movie has nothing to do with the Pacific Northwest--it does have a very 'PNW' reference.

Perhaps you've seen the trailer for 'White Men Can't Jump', a remake of the 1992 American sports comedy. The re-make stars a well-known hip hop artist, Jack Harlow.

Harlow is the main star in the movie and basketball fans that watch it will get the nearby reference:



Yes, the writers have Harlow casted as a former player at Gonzaga University-- a perennial NCAA basketball powerhouse that is less than 30-minutes from the Idaho border.

Jack Harlow isn't the first big name in Hip Hop to show love to Gonzaga, by the way--just weeks ago, Drake showed some love too! 

How Drake Showed Major Love to Small School Near Idaho

We were shocked to see the nearby school that Drake was rocking on stage with J. Cole. Check this out!

Here's a look at some of the mania behind Gonzaga University's basketball program:

Gonzaga Prepares for College Gameday

All eyes will be on Spokane, Washington this Saturday

Check out the trailer for the movie, below:

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