Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is done and the planning has already begun for 2019. Big thanks to the over 20,000 Idahoans that came out to support and be a part of this year's Balloon Classic.

I took a photo right before the night glow on Friday night and it's hard to find anyone without a camera phone high above the crowd recording. That's why we're looking for those stolen burners which could pay you $500 for tips (more details here) but you could win free rides by those amazing photos you took.

Did you take some great moments during the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic? Make sure you tag us on Instagram @kissboise and use the hashtag #spiritofboise. I'll be back with a special contest that could put you and some friends on a flight during next year's SOBBC.

A big thank you to all of our listeners that came out to have fun, see the balloons, get married, and use the force! It was a spectacular Labor Day Weekend. I'm attaching all my photos including some special ones from around the Treasure Valley that you probably didn't see.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

One more thing, a special thanks to our great friends from the 501st and The Rebellion Legion. These men and women devote their spare time to give back to the fans. I've never met a more caring and selfless group of people in my life. I've met a lot! This was also the debut of the pink Stormtrooper that will be utilized to help raise money and awareness to fight breast cancer.

Make sure you tag us in your photos! If you know someone else who got married let us know! Here are a few groups of photos that you might be in Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic Night Glow. Here is your final gallery!

Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic Extra

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