The surprisingly Christmas light phenomenon last year is back and with a haunted twist. The As Seen on TV product is back after being sold out ALL of last Christmas. 

The Christmas light phenomenon is back this year with a haunted twist. The As Seen on TV light show was blasted on networks around the holiday season last year. I have, to be honest; I remember watching this late night infomercial in amazement that it was even on the market. To my ARE YOU KIDDING attitude, that product I laughed about? The Star Shower SOLD-OUT! I was shocked.

It's been 365 days since I saw the last commercial and I still think everyone has lost their minds! My wife's parents even bought some (which look cool where they live), but I'm not changing my mind. Have you seen this commercial of the lights of a million dots blinking all over the crib in the baby room? Like the segment on a sports network, "Come on MAN!"

That being said, they're back and with a haunted twist. Well, not Star Shower, but other brands have jumped on the bandwagon. First, let's look at the Star Shower commercial. Disclaimer: I'm not dissing anyone that paid money, I'm just...not exactly getting it. You be the judge.

That was Star Shower. Here're a few new digital ideas that will be all the rage this year. Digital decorating baby! I mean, let's do it all from our chairs as we digitally talk to people and digitally dial up a great movie and now digitally ask "Dom" to send over some pizza! I do like that projector idea, though! I was so close to getting it for the house!

Here's one of those videos and all of the following videos can be purchased at our very own haunted house headquarters, Home Depot.

Let's roll out to the witches hood with this projecting of fright!

I took some photos in case you wanted to see what they looked like. Home Depot has really stepped out their scare game along with Lowe's.

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