Mateo introduced me to KVELL way back in the day before COVID-19 was a thing. I've definitely become a fan of the workout regimen and seeing the results is the best feeling in the world. However all of us have days where we get discouraged in our fit journey or even in life and we need positive reinforcement. This is where I've become a fan of Brett who owns KVELL. He sends out a newsletter on a regular basis and I thought this particular piece he wrote would be good to share on a Monday when a lot of us tend to get off to a slow start.

Practice Gratitude and Abundance

Think of gratitude and abundance like a muscle; they must be trained to get bigger and stronger.  The more we purposefully practice them, the bigger and stronger they grow.

Ask For and Offer Help

Both are vital to long-term sustained happiness.  Do not neglect either.

Frame Your Goals in Positive Terms

Positive: I will go for a walk every night.

Negative: I will stop eating ice cream every night.

Positive: I will weight 145 pounds.

Negative: I will lose 20 pounds.

Upgrade Your Environment

Very little if anything will change if your environment doesn't change.  Upgrade your environment to optimize your happiness.  Upgrade your environment to increase the likelihood of goal accomplishment and habit change.  Your environment includes those you surround yourself with, your career, your physical environment, and what you consume (books, media, movies).

If you have been trying to change a habit or achieve a goal and you aren't making progress, you are very likely dealing with an environmental roadblock


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