A solid 20 miles of Interstate 84 was shut down and backed up in the Hood River, Oregon area last night leaving thousands of people stranded overnight with no food, gas, and heat.  This is one of the craziest things I've seen close to us in a long time.

ODOT shut down the westbound lanes last night because deicing and salting the roads wasn't enough.  According to KTVB, this area's unique microclimate and multiple microburst snow and ice storms lessened the impact of treatment causing extremely hazardous driving conditions.  So a lot of people spend more than 14 hours in their cars which brings up all sorts of problems...

  1. Food
  2. Gas
  3. Heat
  4. Going To The Bathroom
  5. Communication

Here's what the Oregon State Police had to say on their Facebook Page...

Absolutely stay away from this area!  Crews are currently working on breaking up the ice and creating some kind of safe conditions for vehicles to pass through but this could be a long process.  No word yet on when this stretch of I-84 will reopen.

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