Mateo reminded me a week ago about the increase of domestic violence during situations like the stay-home orders we're having right now.

I just came across an article that Tracy Bringhurst wrote from the Idaho Press about how calls from abuse victims have officially increased. She even takes an anonymous victim account to bring home the seriousness of domestic violence happening in homes right now.

I've been standing up against child abuse and domestic violence for about 13 years. This April (Child Abuse Prevention Month) we had to postpone our annual event due to the obvious. We've done an event called "Live for 175" for the last 12 years and we've done some pretty crazy stuff during April but it's just not going to happen this year. Very sad.

It's even sadder knowing that people in abused situations will now have to be with them 24/7 during the stay-home orders. Victims can't exactly run away from their situations to work or a friend's house. Life, as we know, has been altered and some of these people's lives have been quietly turned upside down.

Janice Morin/TSM Corporate
Janice Morin/TSM Corporate

I'm going to tell you factually that I didn't write this out of opinion. I wasn't just bored and thought it would be cool to post. Domestic violence will ruin someone's life forever. There is not coming out of that as some kind of life learning experience. Domestic violence kills. This nasty problem destroys lives and everyone in their path. We really need to keep an eye on our friends now more than ever.

If you know someone in terrible domestic violence or a child abuse situation please understand something. If you know about the problem it becomes yours too. I know an amazing woman named, Kandi who told me a very tragic story and said it was a friend who saved her life. Someone called in the police and that's when her life changed. So many men and women go through stories just like this but have outlets to escape. They can't run now.

Here's a bit of advice from law enforcement from Caldwell to Boise. They hope you call and pray you're wrong. They would rather you waste time on a silly mistake then someone die because neighbors thought it wasn't their business. Call 911.


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