I will be the first person to tell you this about myself: I REALLY don't care about clothes.  It's so much easier to throw on some jeans and a 103.5 KISS FM t-shirt for a day at work, to me, than to care if I'm g'd up from the feet up. Maybe it's because I went to Catholic school my whole life and had to conform to uniforms and dress codes...but regardless, I'm just glad I've never been one to blow money on clothes.

That said, for whatever reason, my closet is FULL--and I'm lucky enough to have a walk-in closet even. Shirts that I "like" but don't seem to wear. Shirts that remind me of clubs and intramurals at Gonzaga University. You name it, I've got a few in my closet...for no apparent reason.

Well, according to KIVI news, St. Vincent De Paul right here in the Treasure Valley is seeing an uptick in their donation volume and they're crediting a popular Netflix show hosted by Marie Kondo. Have you watched it?

It's called "Tidying Up" and I've been terrified to turn it on. Finally this weekend, I turned it on and holy cow: I'm cleaning non-stop.  I've got a stack of shirts that mean something to me that I'll be stowing away in a container at my moms house. I've got an even LARGER stack of clothes that will be getting donated. This show is crazy.

Is it time to clean your house? Chances are it might be, even if you don't think it is. Go along with the trend (this is a good one) and I bet you'll be happy you did!

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