Another weekend I promised myself I'd be productive, and only halfway delivered on my plans. Halfway is better than nothing, though. So I'm not mad at it. I got a lot done. Including shopping.

I had an appearance with KISS at the brand new Bassett Furniture in Meridian on Saturday. It's conveniently located a couple stores down from one of my favorite places: World Market. Sure, World Market has great furniture and home decor, but my favorite thing about their store is the jewelry and clothing. Almost all of my earrings and rings are from WM.. and they're cheap!

They typically have great boho type clothes that go on super clearance if you're there at the right time. I got these two sweaters for only $12 each! They were originally priced at $45 and $49 so it was a major steal. They aren't my typically daily type of sweaters, but I can see myself wearing these on my next National Parks road trip that I do every year with my best friend. I actually bought two of the second sweater. One for me, one for my bestie.


So cute, right?!


I'm not huge into horoscopes or astrology in general, but there was a super wolf blood moon last night, and Spotify randomly pushed out these playlists for each sign. I'm all about a playlist so you can attach it to astrology and I'll still be game. I'm pretty excited to see this financial growth they're promising.


Waking up at 4am during the week makes it impossible to cook breakfast in the mornings during the work week. Sleeping in until 8am on a Saturday and Sunday and being able to make a delicious vegetarian scramble is one of my favorite parts of the weekend. Yesterday morning before church I enjoyed breakfast with one of my two cats, Nala, who hangs out next to me at all times. Her sister Porsche was sleeping on the their heating pad per always.



Have you seen all of the talk about Marie Kondo?! She has a new show out on Netflix and people are going crazy for it. Her 'art of tidying up' is all about one thing: Joy. You're supposed to hold each of your items, especially clothes, and decide: Does this spark joy? If not, toss it and donate it! I watched one episode with a friend Friday night and got motivated. I'm not a hoarder by any means and have no problems getting rid of things on a continual basis, so I didn't have a ton to toss. But I did take everything out of my closet and rearrange it all so it's color coded. My cousin who was in town visiting last week suggested I do that and I'm really glad she did! Now I'll be able to go to one spot for my nearly daily uniform of black rip jeans and a black top.


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