What comes to mind when you think Las Vegas, Nevada? Perhaps casino gambling, partying, major concerts, magic shows, and more? Las Vegas, also known as 'Sin City' has it all!

Arguably far less sinful but (maybe) equally as fun? Salt Lake City, Utah. The home of a major world religion, a professional basketball team, and more often then not--bigger concert tours than Boise will see come though.

We love Salt Lake City and Las Vegas--and, they're both close to Boise by plane. What do they have to do with Boise, though?

Conversations are seriously progressing about a train line that will connect us all and it seems that the public is pretty excited about that.

Not long ago, as part of President Joe Biden's plan for Infrastructure, expanding Amtrak routes became a popular conversation point. While they did roll out an unofficial idea of how expansion could go--totally left off of the map was the West & especially, Idaho.

After seeing the reaction, Mayor of Boise Lauren McLean along with other local leaders banded together to say that a passenger railway would be beneficial to our community--and some other major cities agreed.

According to a recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune, there has now been an application for a grant submitted that would activate a study to start as soon as this fall on a passenger line that would connect Boise, Salt Lake, and Las Vegas (with even further destinations possible on the ends of that route)!

One of the downsides? Trains in the United States aren't like the high speed rail in Europe--experts say travel time could be between 7 and 9.5 hours each way. This, of course, is just an estimate.

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