According to a new study that was put on by researchers at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, people who drive flashy cars are less likely to stop and let pedestrians cross the road--with the likelihood that they'll slow down decreasing by 3 percent for every extra $1,000 their vehicle is worth.

These findings are backed up by a Finnish study published last month which found that men who own luxury cars are more likely to be "argumentative, stubborn, disagreeable, and unempathetic."

Other things I'm reading and noting in this study are that if you're a woman, or are white, drivers are more likely to stop for you. These are percentage, fact based odds! That's so crazy to me. I like to think that as a runner and someone who is out in these streets consistently, I always am being cautious and watching for runners or pedestrians and stop for them.

However, if you aren't near a crosswalk and just trying to jaywalk, I am less likely to stop when I have the right of way to let you cross unless you're a kid or someone with kids.

But to hear that the average person stops more for women, or white women, is sad to me. As a white woman, I know I have certain privileges that other woman don't. And knowing that stopping for pedestrians is one of those things.. is terrible.

Stop for peds of all backgrounds and sexes, especially in the crosswalk, and especially if you have a fancy, expensive car. That's all.

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