Can somebody call that crazy double rainbow guy and have him say "whoooaaaaaa, SUPER MOON"?

It's happening this weekend and visible right here in the Treasure Valley-- a supermoon!  If the weather plays in our favor, we could have a pretty awesome view in the sky above.

During this supermoon, of "Cold Moon" as it's being called, the moon will appear to be 14 percent larger than normal. Now, I'm no scientist so I've got no idea how big the moon normally "looks" but if you're one to love astronomy or if you just want to capture this for your Snapchat story, it's happening on Sunday morning (December 3rd) around 8:30 a.m.

Now, there is an incoming storm that could hinder a clear view for us, but in the case it does--there's still a chance to view the moon "larger than normal" between Friday night and that expected Sunday morning.


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