I'm scrolling through Instagram and see my friend with this guy. A guy I immediately recognized as Bill Nye the Science Guy. It was him! The reason he was here is pretty cool, too. 

Bill Nye the Science guy is cool. Plain and simple. In the past few years, he's become even cooler with the guest appearances of celebrities and celeb friends (eh hem... Karlie Kloss).

Mr. Nye was on his way to Boise when he was asked about how Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma are connected. I know he was on his way to Boise because it was the day he got here, was at the airport and was wearing the same shirt in the photo above.



Once Bill Nye landed in Boise and was spotted at the Sandbar Restaurant at the Riverside Hotel. He said he was in town being interviewed for a documentary. He was more than happy to take pictures with fans (including my friend Shannon who seems to always be in situations where we're like "how did you meet them?").

Did you see Bill Nye the Science Guy over the weekend?


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