Little 'ol Boise always seems to get so excited when celebrities come around, but it doesn't seem like it is such a rarity anymore. As we who live here know--the secret is out about our awesome area--the stars of Hollywood aren't exempt from knowing about that, too. Odds are, they're just not eating at Los Betos at 1:00a.m. on a Saturday like the rest of us!

We've seen a little of everything here in town. Aaron Paul of course calls the area home and is spotted all of the time. Let's not forget about Lil Wayne making TMZ here twice--once for throwing a fit and again for being arrested. Too Short was arrested here too. Oh, and Brad Pit was spotted at Twigs a couple of summers ago.

Yesterday, I received a whole lot of DM's from friends locally and across the country asking me why THIS star was here. Tan France, star on 'Queer Eye' posted from the Idaho State Capitol Building on Instagram yesterday--blending in perfectly with the building.

Anyone see him or know why he was here?


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Blending right in, in Boise.

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