There's a LOT to love about the State of Idaho. But what would you classify as the ultimate Bucket List must-do for our state? Is it visit Humpin' Hannah's? Perhaps it's taking a trip to Blackfoot for the Idaho Potato Museum?

Scott's Cheap Flights-- an email newsletter that I subscribe to for, flights...has put together this list in conjunction with RVShare, which lists the top "Bucket List" activity for every state. I was shocked to see Idaho's?

The result are in and it's actually..."Marveling" at Shoshone Falls.

The falls are nice and all but I don't remember the last time I traveled somewhere just to "marvel". How long can one even "marvel" for, before getting bored?

Runners up included paddling on Lake Coeur d'Alene and seeing the Sawtooth Mountains along the scenic byway.  Both of these activities seem like they would be a  lot more interactive and fun.

The survey also looked into a few other things, like which states were the most popular and which cities in each state were the most popular.

It may come as no surprise to you that the State of Idaho is actually one of the LEAST popular states when it comes to places people "want to visit the most". Although the housing market here is booming, there's still a little bit of "hidden gem" in the grand scheme of things when it comes to our great State of Idaho.

Another result that may come as NO surprise at all is that Boise is the "best city to visit" in the State of Idaho. There are some real gems around the "Gem State"--but there's a little of something for everyone here in Boise.

See the complete results for all 50 states for yourself, HERE.

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