You guys! We freaking nailed it in the treat-making department. We wanted to do something simple but something that stood out. I do believe we figured it out. Please hold while I take a bow. 

Rice Krispy treats are my go-to treat. They are simple and cheap. I did one version where I stuck candy-cane looking straws out of the top and the bottom was dipped in white chocolate and candy cane pieces. There were also sugar cookies (that I totally messed up).

The candy cane krispies:

candy cane krispies


The botched sugar cookies:

sugar cookies

Yes, I attempted to fix it and this is what happened. What a wreck. I believe that making sugar cookies is one of the most difficult things anyone could ever do. If you can perfect a sugar cookie, you belong in a special place in life.

Then, our friend whipped these out. They are so freaking cute! They started out being snickerdoodles and then she added the marshmallow faces and turned it into melting snowmen. To finish it off, she added the scarf. At first, the scarf was frosting and it looked like the snowman's head was cut off. It wasn't a pretty sight. She added leftover Fruit by the Foot as a scarf and viola. This is why I have creative friends - they inspire me.

cookies by Alexia Lowe
cookies by Alexia Lowe


Wanna know how to make the most simple Sushi Krispies?


  • Rice Krispies
  • Marshmallows
  • Butter
  • Fruit by the Foot
  • Swedish Fish


Make the rice krispy treats and put in a baking pan. Cut the pieces into thin rectangles. Place one swedish fish on each rectangle. Wrap with a strip of Fruit by the Foot.

Smile and take all the credit for being amazing.

Go about your business while people sweat it out over making sugar cookies and realize, like I did, that it's virtually impossible.

Happy holidays, friends!

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