So we're all aware of the plethora of food trucks here in the Treasure Valley. However, this sushi joint isn't necessarily a traditional food truck but it is on wheels. Imagine having a nice sit-down sushi dinner on a huge charter bus - that is the experience of G's Place.

G's Place is a mobile sushi restaurant you can find popping up all over the Treasure Valley. Once you find the bus, you'll be able to walk right on and indulge in some of the prettiest-looking sushi around. The menu includes classics like California rolls and spicy tuna as well as some locally inspired rolls like the Idaho (tuna) and the River (salmon). There are also Sashimi and cooked food options as well.

After 15 years in the restaurant industry specializing in Japanese cuisine, Chef Gee was inspired to build his own mobile restaurant idea. He says the concept was sparked by some loyal followers who live in various parts of Idaho & beyond. "I wanted to make sure I could go to them anywhere & yet still provide the interactive experience of my sushi catering," Chef Gee says on his website.

Chef Gee is known for creating literal masterpieces in the kitchen. Seriously, his sushi displays are some works of ART. According to reviewers, the sushi tastes pretty amazing too. The mobile restaurant has 34 reviews all with 5-star ratings with many guests saying it's the best sushi they've tried here in Idaho.

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Chef Gee is pretty good about staying active on Instagram and Facebook, letting sushi lovers know where the mobile restaurant is going to be and when.

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