Mateo and I along with some KISS-FM listeners are on doing a fitness challenge and I knew that getting him to eat tacos today was going to be a mission. My plan was to take him to a place so delicious that he couldn't resist... and the plan worked.

Before we go any further allow me to state my disclaimer / mission. We do not accept free food because the purpose of the Taco Tuesday review is to give the KISS-FM listeners / reader an unbiased opinion. If we accepted free food we may feel obligated to give someone a more favorable review and that violates the purpose.                         

Lorena's Taqueria

Lorena's on Fairview and Maple Grove is the spot that I chose today because based on your recommendations this spot is a hidden gem. You might be thinking... The only thing I've seen on that corner that serves food is the Jack in the box. If you look behind the Jack in the box at the very back of the lot you will see a tiny taco spot with a cute patio and some of the best tacos in town. First off, Lorena greeted us with such positive energy that it instantly made me feel at home. Secondly the food was prepared quickly and it was served hot just like I like it. I ordered 3 tacos a carne asada, an adobada and an al pastor. I have three words to describe my experience... So Much Flavor! These tacos we're so delicious that my mouth is watering as I'm sitting here writing this.  Lorena's is must, both Mateo and I score it 5 out of 5 tacos.



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