I had a good feeling about today. Every Tuesday we ask for suggestions on which taco shop to try and for the last few weeks we've been getting people asking us to check out this particular taco truck in Nampa. I will be honest and tell you that last week was just ok and by Mateo's account more like a disaster. I knew we had to come back with something next level this week and before I tell you how It went let me give you my very necessary disclaimer. Every week we embark on a quest to find the best tacos in the Treasure Valley, our mission is to bring value to our listeners so for this very reason we do NOT accept free food.

Pablos Tacos 2

Based on weeks of recommendations we did the 2C slide and ventured out to Nampa. Across the street from the Nampa airport we found Pablo's Tacos in a red taco truck right off of Garrity. We were greeted by Pablo's wife who treated us like gold. We ordered our typical three pack of tacos including Carne Asada, Chicken and Al Pastor. As I'm typing this my mouth is watering and I just ate two hours ago. Their carne asada is so juicy and the red salsa they offer pairs perfectly. Neither the red or green salsas are super hot but they're flavorful. I used the green on the chicken and al pastor tacos. To say that I was impressed is a major understatement. The tacos were so good that we ended up ordering a carne asada quesadilla and honestly we we're blown away by that too. It's only happened twice in the history of the Kiss Fm taco review and today it happened again, Mateo and I both scored Pablo's Tacos a 5 out of 5 tacos. Do yourself a favor the next time you're craving tacos try Pablo's.

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